Rebranding packages

Your brand is not the most important thing, it’s the only thing. It is the “personality” of your business, what you stand for. We ensure your visual image accurately reflects your mission, values and quality.

Branding is much more than just a logo, it is the emotional catalyst that influences customers to your business. It reflects your company values and your vision. It is the personality of your business and delivers the promise of quality and integrity to your customers.

However, It is also one of the most challenging exercises a company can go through. What makes the process arduous is that most companies will only go through the branding process once or twice for the lifetime of the business – which correlates to a dearth of experience and knowledge when they start the branding or rebranding process.


Clout9Media Branding


Reposition the brand in the market and minds of consumers – this particularly important for highly competitive markets.

Revalidate your target market – allows you to concentrate your brand and marketing to the current demographic for your existing services.

Distance your company from controversial connotations – when reputation management and repair just isn’t enough; allows you keep all the knowledge you’ve gained while providing a fresh image to the public.

Connect with new demographics – has your demographic shifted in recent years? Rebranding is vital for bridging the gap.

Reflect a shift in focus and/or strategy – has your company had a change in leadership or values? Promote your ‘under new management’ badge with pride!


This type of advertising is created when brands request custom content from publishers that is posted on social, usually via a paid campaign, to increase distribution. Typically, a publisher can charge by the impression or video view in the feed, giving them a chance at more views than click-throughs. Additionally, using social networks’ paid capabilities allows publishers to reach larger and more targeted audiences on advertisers’ behalf. But native content necessitates creating new content to make new money. The level of effort is high, and many publishers have to build out whole teams to account for the workload. Most native executions depend on significant paid distribution to achieve the advertiser’s objectives.