Video Commercial

Ignite interest in whatever you’re selling with stunning video commercials.
Let us create head-turning videos and boost your business.

Professional & Reliable.
High Quality Commercial Video Production.

Reach customers with professionally produced online video, available in several lengths and types: business, community, and product.

100% Unique

Clout9Media, a full-service ad agency, offers award-winning in-house video production and top quality editing services. Our videographers use artistic skill and customization to perfectly and dynamically deliver your message to new and existing customers in a thoughtful, engaging and memorable way.


  • Client’s Website
  • Statesman Owned & Operated Properties
  • Social channels
  • Custom branded YouTube channel Partnership sites, such as Yahoo & Google Display Network

SEO Optimized

In addition to our video production services, we make sure your video reaches your viewers. Seamlessly integrate your Studio-produced video into your larger marketing needs, from social integration to repurposing your video for digital video ads. With years of experience in video production, visual effects, and motion graphics, we will work with you to create the content your customers will want to watch and share with everyone they know. Video is everywhere. Tell your story with Ideabar and start seeing higher conversions.


  • Search engines consistently display blended search results and will give a high ranking to video content, resulting in a lift in search engine performance
  • Site visitors are more engaged with video content
  • Video impacts customer perceptions & behaviors
  • Video on websites has been proven to increase conversion rates. Visitors have been shown to spend twice as long on websites with video content.

How it Works


1. Place Your Order and Get a Quote

Start your order by filling quotation form here.

2. Video Specs

A rep will be in touch within 24 business hours. Our creative film makers will provide You various concepts and ideas related to your business/brand needs.

3. Delivered and Satisfied

We will deliver your work by your deadline – we’re reasonably quick and can fulfill most deadline requests, even rush jobs aren’t out of the question. If you have feedback, we want to hear it! Video making is both an art and a science – so we do offer unlimited revisions.